Editing Portfolio

Editing Portfolio

This is my editing portfolio! My brand revolves around social media, so a majority of my videos have been exported vertically to fit the dimensions of a mobile devices.

These are some Instagram reels that I shot on my Iphone 13, then I edited, color graded and exported them using Premiere Pro.

These are some vertical social media reels/ Instagram ads I created utilizing models I filmed on a green screen, green elements I found on YouTube, graphics and VFX that I purchased and found on YouTube, and gun SFX I purchased.

Here are some YouTube videos I shot and edited. 20 on Black 29 I made utilizing only a phone and a few Go Pros.

My Camera Operator Reel contains footage I shot utilizing various studio grade cameras, DSLRs, and my phone’s camera. I added graphics and SFX in post.

If you would like more information on me and my experience, I’ve linked my LinkedIn and my professional portfolio of my college productions below!