How To Fight Big Tech


I know it isn’t easy waning off of Big Tech. It can be done gradually in small portions over time. I advise that it is done sooner rather than later because Big Tech is tightening its grasp and infringing on our freedom and rights every moment we allow them to continue to spread in our households and on our devices. 

I know it won’t be easy no longer relying on the conveniences of Big Tech. You the reader may have a full-time job, have to work out, drive your kids around after work, do laundry, or get your oil changed. Life is hard. It may seem like no longer using Big Tech products and services will be another chore or a task. It may seem like going forward with this path will be time-consuming and nowhere near as smooth on your day-to-day workflows as having your apps all synched up ready to go and access on every single device to help aid with any of your day-to-day tasks or provide leisure.

I also know that many of you have your lives tied up on the cloud or Google Drive. Giving up the conveniences and social implications of not using devices, operating systems, apps, and streaming platforms that a majority of unknowing people use is challenging as well. Before you decide to continue forward with your current devices, apps, operating systems, browsers, and daily electronic practices when it comes to your data, please read this quote by Derrick Broze from his novel How to Opt-Out of The Technocratic State:

“If you do not want to lose privacy and eventually all liberty, you must act to protect you and your loved ones.”

Right now we are on the brink. I understand that your favorite celebrities, creators, and content might be keeping you tied down to Big Tech. I also know that some services are inescapable like ordering things from Amazon or purchasing an iPhone or an Android. I’m guilty of using these services too. I’ve been slowly implementing these tactics and utilizing the good practices I have listed below. 

I think this would be a valuable read for anyone, even if you only take away some better practices to implement while still using some Big Tech products, apps, etc. I’m not judging! I’m just trying to prevent a dystopian future. I’m trying to protect our autonomy as we stand on the brink of a technocratic takeover! Keep in mind when you’re reading this that all may seem fine and dandy right now. I sound dramatic because I’m presenting all of these as extremes. All may seem fine right now, but the worst is yet to come.

Here is what I cover in this article: 

Part 1: Alternatives to Big Tech

  • Browsers 
  • Search Engines
  • Operating Systems 
  • Streaming Platforms

Part 2: Good practices 

  • Protect your Data
  • Download Offline and Purchase Hard Copies
  • Support the Counter Economy
  • Use a VPN

Part 3: Resources 

  • Books
  • Sites 

Part One

Alternatives to Big Tech

Browsers & Search Engines 

Here’s an alternative browser and search engines to use instead of Marxist technocratic Big Tech Browsers Chrome, Safari, and Firefox, and Big Tech Search engines like Google or Bing.


Operating Systems

Here is an operating system to use in place of the communist technocrats operating systems like IOS or Windows. 

Operating Systems

How to De-Google your phone!

Streaming Platforms

YouTube censorship has been growing tremendously. They claim they want to protect free speech but only if it aligns with their communist ideals. They do not care about free speech and too many creators get demonetized or de-platformed. Stop supporting YouTube! Use streaming platforms like Rumble, Odysee, or Rokfin. They are almost identical to YouTube but they allow free speech. 

Streaming Platforms

Part 2

Good Practices

Protect Your Data

Go into your Google account settings on a desktop and check out what data they have been sharing of yours that you never gave them the go-ahead to. Unselect all of the options you do not want them to share and you never gave them permission to share. 

Open up the “Keyboard” settings on your phone and take a look at what apps have access to your keyboard, or go to the app store and read what data is being collected from an app you use. If you do not want your keyboard strokes to be collected, then deselect the keyboard or delete the app from your phone. 

The same can be done with the camera, location, and microphone. Go into “Camera”, “Microphone”, and  “Location”, and check which apps have access. Turn them all off or whatever apps you do not want to have 24/7 access to all of those. I usually delete apps like Instagram off my phone when I’m not using it because to post anything they require access to your camera and microphone, but unless I manually turn it off after every time I post, then it will be collecting my audio data all day! 

Download Offline and Purchase Hard Copies 

Any of your precious YouTube videos, Cloud photos, and videos, Google Drive documents, or anything that is being stored virtually on Big Tech platforms can be wiped off the internet at any moment, either by the service itself or by an inside cyber attack. Download all of your precious content offline and store it on USB drives or external hard drives.

Disney is notorious for going back and altering content that they now deem “unsuitable” for modern audiences. At any moment, any of your favorite movies and TV shows on any streaming service can be taken offline or forever altered. If you don’t own any hard copies of any of them, then how would you be able to watch them anymore? For any books, TV shows, or movies that you love, buy a blu ray player and a bookshelf and start stocking up. 

Support The Counter Economy 

Pay with cash, don’t pay taxes, trade, and use actual decentralized cryptocurrency. Take your money out of banks, or limit your virtual resources to credit unions. Do not use credit cards or open any lines of credit. Grow your own food and products, and sell and trade them with others who do the same or sell them to people in need of your product. Store your wealth in tangible assets like gold, silver, and bullets.

Use a VPN

I recommend using a VPN (Virtual.Private.Network). A VPN scrambles your internet traffic so nobody can monitor your activity or your activity logs. Here are some benefits of using a VPN:

  • Protects hackers or snoops from being able to see what you are doing on the internet and read your data if you are on free public wifi. 
  • Block your Internet Service Provider (ISP) from being able to see what you are doing. 
  • Protects you from price discrimination depending on your area. 


Part 3:


To learn more about how to opt-out of the technocratic state, the technocrat’s strategies to control, and to learn more about counter-economics and how it works, check out Derrick Broze’s Book How to Opt-Out Of The Technocratic State.

Check out this page if you’d like to learn more about Big Tech censorship that exists within our Government, and more strategies to opt out of Big Tech to protect our freedom of speech and our autonomy.

ACTION PLAN FOR IMMEDIATE CHANGE to counter the corruption, censorship and surveillance by media/tech/finance/pharma giants and politicians:

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