I’m an underground rapper from metro Detroit. I write music, do live performances, model, and create dope content.

I’m open to doing live performances, ambassadorships, sponsored social posts, events, meet and greets, and photo and video shoots!

My Collaborations & Partnerships

I’ve collaborated with music video director and song producer Cracka Lack and the Tiktoker The Back Pack Kid in these videos:


Song by: @yung_kadar on Instagram and Based Yung Kadar on all platforms‼️

♬ Genetically Modified Booty – Based Yung Kadar

The recording, mixing and mastering is done at The Crack House by the Music Video Director/YouTuber/Influencer: Cracka Lack. (@cracka_lack on Instagram)

I’ve modeled in my photo shoots done by photographer Malik Brand (@bokendishous on Instagram)

I’ve performed at rap competitions and opened for Artists such as BFB DA Pack Man for Crowd Freak (@crowdfreak on Instagram) For these performances, I create videos to promote the shows, as well as star in and promote any content they would like me to. I’ve starred in the first video and performed in the second one.